bePRO Vs. Assioma: What's Different?

Tech & Tests

Favero Assioma is clearly the latest result of a project that, in fact, started more than 6 years ago with the research and development of our first power meter: Favero bePRO.

Thanks to the worldwide success of the bePRO power meter pedals, and most importantly thanks to the precious feedback from the end-users and the reviewers, we have been able to perfect some aspects of our cycling project, thus probably creating the cycling power meter by definition. Some of the main improvements are:

  • Plug&Play installation (no special tool, no dynamic calibration needed). Learn more here about the quick installation.

  • The diameter of the sensor is now reduced to only 33.5 mm (in bePRO was 37 mm); this way we have eliminated even the rare cases of interference with particularly flat shoes.

  • The Bluetooth SMART: thanks to the Bluetooth CPP (Cycling Power Profile) Favero Assioma can be paired with two devices simultaneously, one Bluetooth and the other ANT+ (this is an essential feature for the use of virtual cycling/indoor training apps such as Zwift and Trainerroad).

  • The micro-USB rechargeable battery ports have been replaced with magnetic recharging pins: meaning there are no openings, nor rubber caps to worry about.

  • The battery life has been considerably increased: more than 50 hours plus, the battery charge level can now be constantly checked via the new Favero Assioma app.

  • The container of the sensor is now thicker and made of a fiber-loaded plastic; thus making it even more robust and resistant.

  • Assioma is even lighter than bePRO: meaning that “lightest pedal-based power meter” record has not only been kept but improved!

In conclusion, Favero Assioma has inherited all the best form of its predecessor and improved what were already very special features. But the above-mentioned new points are only a sneak peek of what really makes Assioma stand out among the other power meter pedals: to find out more about Assioma’s uniqueness, continue to the product website