Why it’s different from its counterparts in the market

We, lovers of the trail, are always looking for adrenaline and extreme emotions, but we’re surely not willing to give up to reliability and security on the trail, basic conditions necessary to give it all in any technical passages and conditions of the terrain.
That’s why the equipment we choose when we go out with our bike has to meet specific criteria such as high quality and max attention to the details.


How many of us, for example, are worried that the pedal may be exposed more than other parts of the bike to shocks and wear? Here at Favero, we are well aware of this and that’s why it’s right from here that we started to develop Assioma PRO MX, backed by a long experience in the pedal power meters panorama, and, more broadly, in electronics for sports.


Assioma PRO MX spindle



Our SPD® power meter pedal is, in fact, the first power pedal where both the electronics and the battery are completely enclosed inside the spindle, the heart of the product. This guarantees extreme resistance even with frequent and intense use, as well as excellent protection from rain, mud and dust (IP67).


The fact that the battery is stored inside the axle and not in the pedal body means that the two parts are completely independent from each other, which is not only an advantage for the functioning of the product, but it is also extremely useful to the end user. If the battery were inserted into the pedal body in fact, the power supply voltage would be brought from the latter to the axle through pressure contacts. In the long term, contacts of this type would make the entire product more vulnerable to moisture, mud, dust and vibrations resulting in an unstable power reading, or subject to frequent power dropouts.


Furthermore, it would be more difficult to service the bearings and other parts of the product. The connections between the pedal body and the axle would make difficult to disassemble the pedal.


Disassembled pedal body



With Assioma PRO MX instead, thanks to the complete independence of the parts of the pedals as described above, not only you will avoid unpleasant surprises when analysing your power data but you can also easily change the pedal body whenever you want to refresh the look of your pedals.

Elegance, safety and practicality are combined with the Made in Italy to provide an unmatched MTB power meter.


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