Mountain biking is synonymous with unpredictable terrains, from rocky descents to muddy ascents. A robust power meter designed specifically for MTB is constructed to endure the constant vibrations, impacts, and exposure to the elements.


Rock solid reliability power meter




Premium materials and shock-proof design

In Assioma PRO MX, all the most precious elements, such as the electronics and rechargeable battery, are safely stored within a stainless steel power spindle.
The spindle is enclosed within an electronic-less pedal body in 6061-T6 aluminium, a significantly more resistant material compared to plastic that is still widely used in this type of product.

The design of Assioma PRO MX, together with its reduced stack-height (only 11.2mm), makes the product small and rounded off so as to drastically reduce the possibility of impact with the elements along the path.
Even the end cap is not protruding to make sure it doesn’t get damaged when you fall or when the pedal gets hit.

This shockproof design ensures consistent and accurate power readings even in the most rugged conditions, with the lightest MTB power meter pedals on the market.



Pedal body easy to disassemble

Unlike other pedal-based power meters, where to refresh the look of your pedals it is necessary to remove the pedal body by disassembling small parts with tiny components, with Assioma PRO MX you’re relieved from this difficulty.
The electronic and most delicate components are, in fact, safely housed inside the spindle, while on the outside there is only the mechanical part, which is very robust and accessible for maintenance.
Consequently, you can simply remove the pedal body and mount a new one
 as you’d do with a normal pedal, to go back on the trail in no time!

Have a look at the replacement video for additional help.


How to replace the pedal body of Assioma PRO MX



Versatility across off-road disciplines

Assioma PRO MX uses a unique combination of needle-roller bearings and axial washers: by doing so, it keeps the spaces compact, ensures ease of maintenance, and provides unparalleled impact resistance. This system also allows for a dynamic load of 300kg per roller, three times higher than the average off-road pedals.

The product's versatility is also evident by the chrome-molybdenum alloy clipless system, which has undergone specific surface treatments to achieve a surface hardness of up to 800 HV.
This translates into excellent wear and oxidation resistance over time for optimal use across different off-road disciplines.


Cyclist on a muddy trail




100% SPD® compatible and excellent mud-shedding

Assioma PRO MX is fully compatible with the SPD® system to ensure maximum stability and long-term performance. In particular, the wide contact area provides reassuring support in any terrain condition, thus giving the cyclist a sense of security at every technical passage.

The clip mechanism, finally, has been designed for perfectly shedding debris (mud, sand, etc.), allowing for optimal performance despite the external conditions.