The Accuracy of Assioma: consistent and guaranteed

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In the world of cycling, where precision and accuracy can make or break a performance, data consistency stands out as critical factor, which shouldn’t be trustworthy just in lab conditions, but also and especially under real conditions of use.
Now the question is: is your power meter really accurate?



The importance of the angular velocity

Fluctuations or inconsistencies in power readings may potentially cause athletes to overtrain or undertrain due to misinterpretations of intensity levels.

Unlike in lab conditions, taking into account the speed variation of each pedal stroke is essential when riding in real-life conditions considering our highly irregular pedalling (sprints, oval chain rings, climbs).

To do so, an integrated gyroscope is a must-have for a power meter: Assioma uses its special IAV Power System to leverage the data coming from the gyroscope, ensuring that cyclists can establish and adhere to accurate trainings (+/-1% precision) no matter the conditions.



ATC (Active Temperature Compensation) Technology

The Assioma power meters guarantee measurement stability and reliability in the actual outdoor conditions – regardless of the weather conditions. This result is achieved partially thanks to the Active Temperature Compensation Technology (ATC), which recognizes and compensates for measurement variations caused by changes in the temperature.

Our technology is particularly advanced as it allows appreciating a length variation of our ultra-sensitive strain gauges in nanometers: this precision is ensured thanks to each sensor being factory-calibrated through specific temperature cycles.



Stable measurement

Although the quality of the data is determined primarily by the excellent precision of the measurements, the data filtering algorithm also plays an important role for the cyclist.
Filtering is, in fact, crucial because otherwise, the power data would oscillate too suddenly and frequently, making the reading and consequent interpretation of the data practically impossible.

The exceptional Assioma algorithm therefore comes into play by providing continuous and homogeneous reading in any condition, without sacrificing the precision of the data collected.