Advantages of Rechargeable Batteries in MTB Pedal-Based Power Meters

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Mountain biking is not just a sport; it's a dynamic experience that demands precision, performance, and reliability from every piece of equipment.
When it comes to choosing the right power source, rechargeable batteries stand out as a clear winner, offering an unrivalled and trustworthy power data reading, which directly enhance the overall mountain biking experience.


Assioma PRO MX in charge




No power dropouts for consistent performance

Rechargeable batteries offer unparalleled convenience for mountain bikers.
Rechargeable batteries, unlike traditional disposable batteries, significantly diminish the occurrence of power dropouts* due to faulty contacts, which can compromise the accuracy and reliability of power meters.
Faulty contacts are, in fact, a recurring problem with disposable batteries as these are not welded to the electronic circuit but just kept together through pressure contacts, which are likely to come loose with time and repeated replacements.
Not to mention that the continuous vibrations and the potential entrance of water, dust and mud ingress through the battery compartment cover (or battery door) also translate into an increased risk of damaging the product.


The rechargeable batteries of Assioma PRO MX are safely stored inside the spindle and directly welded to the electronic circuit, guaranteeing a seamless voltage transmission between the batteries and the sensor.
With no battery compartments to open and close, vibrations, water, dust and mud ingress aren’t a threat to the product, therefore riders benefit from a more stable power supply throughout the entire duration of their cycling sessions.
This stability translates into a continuous and uninterrupted flow of data without power dropouts, enabling athletes to analyse their performance metrics with precision.


*Power dropouts occur when you see an abrupt interruption in the data reading and the power drops down to zero. The data reading is, therefore, erratic with continuous spikes.


Assioma PRO MX power meter data graph



Convenience and accessibility

With the prevalence of USB charging options, riders can also easily charge their batteries using a variety of devices, from wall chargers to power banks, thus eliminating the worry about finding specific battery sizes in remote locations.

Assioma PRO MX, in particular, comes with a 2-m-long micro USB 2-way charging cables ending with two magnetic connectors. Once the magnetic connectors are brought close to the spindle and the pins on the spindle are correctly aligned with the corresponding slots on the magnetic connectors, the two will simply snap together.
The ease of recharging enhances the overall accessibility and usability of Assioma PRO MX, ensuring that riders can focus more on their biking experience and less on battery management.




The batteries of Assioma PRO MX ensure at least 60 operating hours with a single charge, allowing you to be covered during all your rides.
Before being integrated into the sensor, each battery is individually tested in-house by Favero Electronics to ensure maximum durability and performance.

The battery of Assioma has been designed for professional long lasting applications: after 500 complete recharges (i.e. from completely discharged to fully charged) its capacity is reduced by only 20%. Note that 500 recharges are more than 25,000 hours of use!