Assioma DUO-Shi reflects the desire to offer cyclists fond of Shimano® road the opportunity to keep on training with their existing pedal bodies without giving up on the reliability of our power meter.
The technology implemented for Assioma DUO-Shi is the same as that for Assioma Look®: precision and accuracy in the data measurement tested through many years of experience in the field and proven by the feedback of our customers all over the world.

Which pedal bodies are compatible with Assioma DUO-Shi?

Installing Assioma DUO-Shi in your own pedal bodies is simple and quick. We have prepared a handy video on this, which will guide you through the procedure.
The compatible pedal bodies with Assioma DUO-Shi are: Shimano®
PD-R8000, PD-R7000, PD-6800, PD-R550 and PD-R540.



Increased Q-factor? Yes but...!

Unlike the Look® version for Assioma (+54mm), Assioma DUO-Shi’s q-factor is +64mm with PD-R7000/R550/R540 pedal bodies and +65mm with PD-R8000/6800.
Despite the fact that an increase in the q-factor was initially seen with some concern, we have decided to carry on with the project considering that our body size (height, pelvis width, etc.) is a subjective factor contributing to determining what’s the best q-factor for each one of us.

A final, positive feedback from our beta testers has validated the product.



Can I convert the Assioma Look® version into an Assioma DUO-Shi?

The conversion of your own Assioma (Look® version) into an Assioma DUO-Shi is not possible because of the following:

  • The Assioma-Shi sensor undergoes a different factory calibration, necessary to guarantee seamless compatibility with the Shimano® system

  • Assioma DUO-Shi, unlike the Look® version, has an oil retainer directly glued to the axle

Despite these differences between the two products, the technology implemented to measure power is the same. Accurate and coherent data in all conditions, for a precise and reliable training aimed at fine-tuning your cycling performance!



How much does Assioma DUO-Shi weigh?

The weight of Assioma DUO-Shi varies according to the pedal body it's installed into!


Find out how much yours:


  • Total weight with the PD-R8000: 157.0g per side

  • Total weight with the PD-R7000: 161.3g per side

  • Total weight with the PD-6800: 161.3g per side

  • Total weight with the PD-R550: 176.0g per side

  • Total weight with the PD-R540: 186.0 g per side