The resistance of Assioma: tested in laboratory, proven on the road

About Products

Each component of Assioma was designed in-house by Favero Electronics and passed strict control tests (load, shock, fatigue, wear, water resistance, electrical safety, etc.) fully satisfying the standards required by the current regulations.

Favero Electronics manufactures every bike power meter in Italy and tests the correct functioning of each unit individually to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

Why Assioma is waterproof

All the electronic parts of the Assioma power sensors are housed together with the rechargeable battery in a watertight and compact bicomponent resin block around the pedal axle, which protects and waterproof the whole technology.
Assioma is not subject to water nor humidity ingress since it has no battery caps that can accidentally be left open and, over time, no longer guarantee the initial waterproofness.

This feature makes Assioma completely waterproof and it avoid any mud and dust ingress (IP67 certified).

The hardware design

The resistance of the Assioma power meter pedals has been achieved thanks to the careful job of the Research and Development Dept. of Favero Electronics, with a highly innovative industrial-design and technological solutions, such as:

  • The bicomponent resin block, fully watertight and shock-proof housing and protecting the electronic components of the sensor.

  • The compact design (without protruding parts) and the strategic position of the sensor (diameter of 33,5 mm) designed not to interfere with the pedal movement.

  • The sensor shell made of a shock-absorbing plastic polymer reinforced with fiberglass.

  • The independent pedal body: which can be easily removed from the pedal axle and replaced if needed.

These solutions do not affect the primacy of the lightness of Assioma that, with a total weight of only 151.5 grams (including batteries), is the lightest power meter pedal ever.