Do you have any doubts about Assioma’s rechargeable battery and you think its performance could drop over time?

Read this article to find out that Assioma’s battery is designed to perform for many years of professional riding and offers also considerable advantages compared to the use of replaceable batteries!

Assioma is the only pedal-based power meter with an integrated battery, which is completely waterproofed with a bicomponent resin. This characteristic is one of the secrets of the reliability and durability of the Favero Electronics’ power meters.
Let’s dive into the main advantages of Assioma’s recharging system compared with a common power meter using replaceable batteries.


Photo by La Velocita RideAdelaide

100% Waterproof

The level of the signals in the electronic circuits is in the magnitude order of microvolts, therefore very vulnerable to the moisture. The seepage of a very small amount of moisture in a power meter could make it almost unusable.
Assioma is completely waterproof and offers a
double protection from this risk. First of all, its integrated battery is sealed into a solid and watertight bicomponent resin block, which protects it also from the moisture.
Moreover, unlike the most common power meters using replaceable batteries, Assioma has no power ports nor battery compartments that can be closed incorrectly. This means that there is no risk of liquid seepages due to an incorrect lid closure or the wearing of its sealing gaskets.



Faulty electrical contacts due to vibrations and dust

During a cycling session, the components of the bike are subjected to continuous and inevitable vibrations, not to mention dust and moisture infiltrations.
Replaceable batteries can’t be welded directly to the electronics and are, therefore, more sensitive to vibrations and oxidations. As a result, in a power meter using rechargeable batteries there’s a significant risk of a bad functioning of the product due to a faulty electrical contact between the battery and the rest of the circuit.

Assioma’s battery instead, is welded directly to the circuit board and finally resinated, thus completely immune to this kind of problems.
We all have probably used products working with replaceable batteries (i.e. the television remote control or some kind of toy) and, in the long run, had to fiddle with the batteries a while before the contacts would start working again.

With Assioma you’ll avoid this unpleasant experience!



Durability over time

Assioma’s lithium-ion batteries have been designed to guarantee an operating time of at least 50 hours and, especially, to maintain an excellent performance over time.
Before being integrated into the sensor, each battery is individually tested in house by Favero Electronics to ensure maximum durability and performance. The battery of Assioma has been designed for
professional long lasting applications: after 500 complete recharges (i.e. from completely discharged to fully charged) its capacity is reduced by only 20%. Note that 500 recharges are more than 25,000 hours of use!

A reduction of 20% of its capacity means that the battery will last 40 hours instead of 50, but only after hundreds of complete recharges!



Trustworthy monitoring of the battery level

It can be difficult for power meters with replaceable batteries to accurately show their battery level.
The main reason for it is that the performance of the disposable batteries in the market varies significantly according to the battery type (lithium, alkaline, silver oxide, etc, etc,) and to the manufacturer as well!
Assioma’s lithium-ion batteries have been specifically designed for Favero Electronics, that deeply knows how they work and their discharge profile. In this way,
cyclists can check the Assioma’s battery level at any time on the Favero Asioma App.
In addition, the cyclist can always count on the timely "low battery" signal sent to the bike computer and indicating that Assioma still offers eight hours of battery life.



Ease of use and security

You can easily recharge your Assioma power meters at the same time without removing your pedals from the crank arms thanks to the supplied charger with a 2-meters long double USB cable.
Furthermore, the
exclusive magnetic power connectors  prevent unpleasant damages due to accidental yanks both to the sensors and the bike.

Assioma can also be easily recharged anytime and anywhere with a common mobilephone charger or, in case of no socket around, with a common powerbank.
The exclusive recharge system of Assioma is aimed at meeting the cyclists’ real needs, who, above all, ask for a
trustable and long-lasting product over time.

This is only one of the several unique characteristics of the Favero Electronics’ power meters.