Assioma Recharging System: Smart and Green

Tech & Tests

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Assioma is the only pedal-based power meter with built-in rechargeable batteries.

The Lithium-ion batteries have been designed to ensure a minimum of 50 operating hours and to grant excellent performance, even with intensive professional use.

Plus, the batteries are maintenance-free: for the benefit of the wallet and the environment.

Fast and Simultaneous Charging

Thanks to the charger supplied with a double USB cable you can recharge your Assioma power meter pedals at the same time and effortlessly: without uninstalling them from the bike crank arms.

Moreover, the exclusive magnetic power connectors prevent unpleasant damage - both to the sensor and to the bike - caused by accidental yanks.

Out-Door Charging and Smart Energy Management

Equipped with Start&Stop technology, the Asioma automatically sets to stand-by after a few minutes of inactivity and instantly switches back on with a simple pedal stroke.

When the battery of a pedal is low, a special signal appears on the bike computer: this indication means that there are still about 8 hours of autonomy.

If necessary, you can recharge your Assioma power meters with a common smartphone charger and, if no power outlet is avaible, you can use a common power bank too.