Assioma DUO

Road power meter with sensors on both pedals. The best choice to take full advantage of the real dual-sided measurement.

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Easy to install

Install and move your Assioma DUO pedals from one bike to another just like your normal pedals. You can do it easily and without extra tools or the need for a mechanic.


IAV Cycling Dynamics

Our bike power meter pedals provide advanced metrics called IAV Cycling Dynamics: IAV Power Phase and IAV Rider Position. These metrics, combined with the classic power data, permit you to analyze your pedaling technique in detail and learn about how your position on the bike influences your performance.


IAV Power and gyroscope

Unlike others, when calculating power Assioma takes into account our inevitably irregular pedaling (e.g. uphill, sprints) or the use of oval chainrings. This is because Assioma can detect the actual instantaneous angular velocity during the whole pedal stroke, thus providing ±1% accuracy in any conditions.


Bluetooth and ANT+

Assioma features both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity for a seamless compatibility with bike computers and smartphones (both Android and iOS).


Real dual-sided power data

The Favero Assioma DUO power meter pedals measure power individually on both legs. This makes possible to observe with accuracy not only Total Power, but also L/R Balance.


Accuracy and consistency

Assioma guarantees accurate and consistent data in all conditions on the road, and at any temperature ranging from -10°C and 60°C, thanks also to the ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation).


Waterproof, resistant and light

The power sensors are protected by a bi-component resin block, extremely resistant to shocks and completely waterproof.


Rechargeable and green

The Assioma power meter pedals use rechargeable batteries with a single charge ensuring at least 50 hours of use.
Do you want to learn more about the advantages of our rechargeable batteries?
Read the article!


Tested and guaranteed

Favero Electronics produces every bike power meter in-house and tests each of them thoroughly to fully satisfy the standard required by current regulations.


  • Power sensors on both pedals

  • Dual-sided power measurement

  • Cadence sensor: included, inbuilt

  • Gyroscope: included, inbuilt

  • Power calculation system: IAV (Instantaneous Angular Velocity-based)

  • IAV Cycling Dynamics: yes

  • Oval-chainring compatible: yes

  • Total weight per pedal: 151,5 g (battery included)

  • Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery

  • Battery life: at least 50 hours

  • Radio communication: Bluetooth v4.0, ANT+ PWR profile (CT + PO)

  • Accuracy power measurement: ± 1%

  • Temperature compensation: -10°C / +60°C

  • Waterproofness rating: IP67

  • Q-factor: +54 mm

  • Compatible cleats: Original LOOK® Kéo Cleats and Favero cleats (red and black)

  • Bike type: road

  • Made in Italy

  • Warranty: 2 years

  • Left pedal with power sensor

  • Right pedal with power sensor

  • Battery charger including plugs (EU, US, UK, AU)

  • 2 two-meter long micro-USB/USB cables with 2 magnetic connectors

  • 2 red cleats 6° float (LOOK® Kéo compatible)

  • Hex key and 4 washers for the installation

  • User manual

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