Favero Assioma Firmware Updates

This page contains the release notes for the firmware updates of the Favero Assioma power meters.
For the firmware installation, see "How to update the Assioma firmware?

Firmware Assioma 3.00 - 28 August 2018

  • Extend apps compatibility via unified data channel. 
  • Possibility of manual zero offset from app Assioma 1.2.0. 
  • Travel/Ship mode from app Assioma 1.2.0. 
  • Customize auto-off times from app Assioma 1.2.0. 
  • "Error 99 Killer": further simplification of manual zeroing. 
  •  Other minor improvements. 

Firmware Assioma 2.06 - 03 May 2018

  • New IAV Power calculation system (new degree of accuracy +-1%). 
  • Oval chainring compatibility. 
  • Improved battery monitoring on app Assioma. 
  • Other minor improvements.