Favero Electronics, founded by Gino Favero, has designed and produced electronic sports equipment for more than thirty years.

A strong will to invest in new people, new ideas, and new projects has earned the company a solid reputation in more than 110 countries.

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We love experimenting and designing new solutions for the world of sports and sports lovers.

We are continuously inspired by our close cooperation with professional athletes, amateurs and coaches – as well as our own experience on the saddle.

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Care for details

We follow the entire creative process of each product ourselves, from design to production.

In our company in Italy, high-tech manufacturing meets skillful hand finishing by specialized technicians.

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Power Favero Electronics

Why power?

Power in cycling is obtained measuring the actual force on the pedals in relation to pedal stroke speed (cadence).

Power = Torque x Cadence

We provide a true, objective value that, unlike heart rate, cannot be altered by external factors such as high temperatures, psychological stress, caffeine consumption, etc.

With our cycling power meters, we want to enable all cyclists to assess their performance with an objectivity never experienced before on the road.