The Accuracy of Assioma: Consistent and Guaranteed

Tech & Tests

Assioma is factory calibrated with certified instruments and, unlike others, it is designed to need no periodic returns to the manufacturer for adjustments.

The Assioma pedal-based power meters provide cyclists with cutting-edge technologies to get the most accurate watt measurements (margin of error: ± 1%) with exceptional stability and reliability.

Accuracy and Consistency of the Measurements

When talking about a power meter for bikes, “accuracy” refers to its capacity to carry out measurements close to the real value: namely the power generated at the level of the pedals.

However, to assess the quality of a bike power meter, considering only the degree of accuracy claimed is not sufficient. As a matter of fact, if an accurate instrument fails to ensure stability in the real on-road use conditions it will most probably provide irregular, inconsistent and unusable data.

Therefore any cyclist, professional or amateur, willing to train with power should use a professional power meter with high-quality electronic components and a well-designed firmware; namely an instrument that not only ensures accuracy, but also grants measurement repeatability and consistency.

Active Temperature Compensation

The Assioma Power Meter guarantees measurement stability and reliability in the actual outdoor conditions – regardless of the weather.

This result is achieved also through the Active Temperature Compensation Technology (ATC), which recognizes and compensates for the measurement variations caused by the temperature (from -10°C to 60°C).